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About us

Run by a team of highly experienced management team, the Financial Bureau was founded in 2015, with the aim of serving large microfinance organizations and the banks on the market. We strive to consolidate trust among our organization clientels and their debtors, with the status of a mediator, promote core strengths in problem asset management, and offer full legal services. 
The Financial Bureau also carries out investments through purchasing assets. Furthermore, it aims for transparency and acts within the frames of the law, with reputation stipulated by high standards. 
With their own and international multi-year expertise, the Financial Bureau management team has developed an effective problem asset management system which covers all stages of loan processing, while corresponding to all modern standards. Moreover, it protects both- the company and the borrower interests.


The Pre, Soft, Hard, Drive, and Legal Collection system guarantees processing of the loan portfolio and provides full customer awareness. 

The Financial Bureau cooperates with companies that ensue local and international standards. The clientel list encompases companies such as the Bank of Georgia,, Lendo, Netcredit, Moneza, Mogo, Onlinecredit, Wandoo, and more. 

Our company is the largest network on the market, uniting large and small cities country wide. At this stage, we have 25 branches where a total of 500 people are employed. The short-term plan entails widening of the market, whilst employing more citizens and carrying out wider initiatives across the country.